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About DEOXZING Restore & Shine & How it Works

DEOXZING Restore & Shine is Specially Formulated for Watercraft’s Gelcoat and Fiberglass Surfaces


When it comes to putting a shine on your watercraft’s gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces, the DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Kit is specially formulated and blended to deliver a lasting shine.

The DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Kit is a proprietary, two-part Liquid Cleaning System® final finish detailing product that will put a showroom shine on your boat. It is applied either by hand applicator or a spray gun.


BENEFITS of DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Kit:

  • DRS™ can be applied in 2-3 hours, unlike using a buffing/polishing machine or other products such as Poli Glow, that require multiple coats.
  • DRS™ applies 3 times faster, dries in 30 minutes and lasts 3 times longer than traditional waxing!
  • DRS™ Removes Oxidation
  • DRS™ restores and seals the color. It even enhances faded decals!
  • DRS™ is more cost effective than expensive paint and wraps
  • No power tools are needed, and no waxing is necessary
  • Completely, self-contained marine detailing kit
  • Penetrates and bonds to marine gelcoat and fiberglass painted surfaces
  • Dries to the touch in thirty minutes
  • Will not discolor a white surface
  • Not a wax, not a clear coat
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Includes a 1 year warranty (when washing with a non-acid cleanser)



There are three bottled formulas in the DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Kit:

  1. The DEOXZING Deoxidizer™  (one quart) is a bio-based citrus formula that is mixed with fresh water and used to remove oxidation, wax, grease, soil, and stains.
  2. The DEOXZING Final Finish™ (one quart) and the product below are combined in small working portions to add a lasting shine to your watercraft.
  3. The DEOXZING Accelerator™ (four ounces) CAUTION: these two products expel flammable vapors separately and when combined, they must be used outdoors.

Group Product Photo

Also, included in the kit:

  • A Deoxidizer Spray Bottle with Trigger
  • Protective Nitrile Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Gray Scuff Pads
  • Final Finish Mixing Cup with Lid
  • Application Trays
  • Roll of Masking Tape
  • Stirring Stick
  • Shop Towels
  • Trash Bag (see instructions page for a listed inventory)

*The only items you will need that are NOT in the kit : a rinse bucket, access to fresh water (not salt water), a water hose that will reach around your watercraft and access to a hair or leaf blower to remove excess water from ports and rails. 

The Best Results
The best results are achieved when the deoxidized condition of your boat has a smooth surface with an even color.

Maybe, applying one DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Kit on a clear, calm day is all it will take to achieve a lasting shine on your watercraft (see Gallery of Results, Faded Glory). Or, maybe it will take more than just our DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Kit.

Your watercraft may need a serious restoration effort (see Gallery of Results, Restorartion Rescue). It may take a gelcoat and fiberglass repair kit, some sanding, and some OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) paint to achieve a smooth surface with an even color. These products are NOT in our kit.

But, when you are satisfied with your watercraft’s smooth surface and even paint, and want to add a shine, then our DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Kit will deliver.

The Importance of the Deoxidizing Step
DEOXZING Restore & ShineOur DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Kit requires some physical effort and the Deoxidizing Step is where most of that effort is needed. The Deoxidizing Step is worth every minute of effort you put into striping away all the oxidization, wax, grease, and stains. The shine from the DEOXZING Final Finish™ will reflect the efforts you take during the Deoxidizing Step.

The DEOXZING Deoxidizer™ formula removes oxidation, water stains, grease, wax, and decal ghosting. During this step, it is common to see a little paint pigment on the supplied Gray Scuff Pads; use a different Scuff Pad on each colored area of your boat. Avoid “cross pigmenting” of colors on the gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces. If this occurs, use a new Gray Scuff Pad and water diluted DEOXZING Deoxidizer™ to remove all unwanted discoloration from the gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces.

IMPORTANT: The best DEOXZING Final Finish™ Shine is achieved when the deoxidized condition of your boat has a smooth surface with an even color. Covering colorless scratches that have no paint pigment with our DEOXZING Final Finish™ is not desirable, this will result in shiny colorless scratches. Research your OEM painting options. Be prepared to deal with these scratches after the Deoxidizing Step and before the DEOXZING Final Finish™ Step.


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