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Life beyond the water’s edge…

Life BeyondFor most boaters there is a day job in their life, it pays for the boat; but that “day job” is NOT “their life”. For most boaters, life begins out beyond the water’s edge. Boating helps restore their passion for life.

A boat has as a life too, a “service life”. In the course of that service life, the inevitable bump and scratch occurs; most dings are not a threat. A boat’s gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces are designed to deal with the mechanical and thermal stresses of life on turbulent waters. Yet, even the most skilled boater cannot avoid the natural elements that conspire against their watercraft.

Oxidation is one of nature’s conspirators. Oxidation happens. It can be delayed, but the sun, the air, and water elements are all working on your watercraft from the day you launch. You have seen it on other boats, an oxidize gelcoat / fiberglass surface looks faded, chalky, and dull.

Oxidation does not harm a boats performance. Oxidation does not diminish a boaters’ passion, or does it? Is pride any kin to passion? Does launching a boat with a mirror-like-shine affect a boat owners’ psyche?

Spend the time to read about our DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Kit, then spend the money and then follow the instructions to restore your watercraft’s shine.

Then, the next time you launch see if restoring your watercraft’s shine, was also about restoring your passion for life beyond the waters edge.

– Zing Master

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