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Gelcoat and Fiberglass  Restoration for Your Watercraft with DEOXZING Restore & Shine™

boatingGelcoat is a resin based hard-coat and fiberglass is a fiber-reinforced composite material composed of fiber cloth and resin.

A typical boat hull has layers of both gelcoat and fiberglass; the fiberglass is the structural undercoat and gelcoat is the top coat (usually about an eighth of an inch thick); it is important to note that not all boats have a gelcoat layer. The gelcoat layer can be color pigmented, acts as an additional water barrier, and  adds a showroom shine to the underlying fiberglass layer.

DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ is designed especially for use on both gelcoat and fiberglass painted watercraft surfaces.

It may also be of interest to know the process of how boat hulls are built and pulled from molds. Boat hulls are built by applying layers to inside of a mold; outer most layer of the finished hull is applied first. The decorative decals on the exterior of a boat hull are the first to be applied. The next is a paint layer; then a gelcoat layer (sometimes with color pigmentation); and then the underlying structural layer made of fiberglass and resin (this layer gives the hull its strength). After these layers have set and cured, the boat hull is released from the mold and the first layers applied are now the hulls exterior surface.

Understanding this process may help you determine how to remedy damage on a boat hull, and ultimately achieve the best results when using DEOXZING Restore & Shine™.

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