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DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Frequently Asked Questions

Question What additional advice would an experienced user offer a new user?

Read the instructions all of the way through, understand each step; take the safety notations serious; and give the Deoxidizing Step your best effort. (The DEOXZING Final Finish™ does not have to be applied on the same day as the Deoxidizing Step). So take your time and really clean your watercraft’s gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces with diluted DEOXZING Deoxidizer™ in the provided spray bottle; your deoxidizing effort will be rewarded with a lasting shine.

Question Can I work indoors as long as there is good ventilation?

Absolutely not! The vapors from the DEOXZING Final Finish™ and DEOXZING Accelerator™ are very flammable. The accumulation of vapors from these products in an enclosed area is dangerous. Take extra caution to avoid open flames, friction and electrical sparks, and burning embers (formula vapors may cause flash fires). No smoking! Do not allow anyone to approach who is smoking or may start smoking.

Question My boat looks pretty bad, its surface is banged up with deep scratches, will your kit cover that kind of damage so it will not be seen?

A7No, not deep scratches. However, it will mask light scratches and make them appear less noticable. It will only make those scratches shine. The DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ kit is a final finish detailing kit that produces the best results when it is used on a smooth surface with an even color.

If the surface of your watercraft is badly damaged as in the Restoration Rescue example in our Gallery of Results then your watercraft needs more than just our kit. If there is paint missing and deep scratches, then those surfaces will probably need cleaning, sanding, and OEM recommended paint.

A8The DEOXZING Deoxidizer™ will strip and clean away oxidation, wax, grease, soil and stains on the gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces (this step will be necessary for any restoration effort).

Seek professional advice regarding your watercrafts specific restoration needs.

But, when you have completed your surface restoration and you have a smooth surface with an even color, then the DEOXZING Final Finish™ will deliver a lasting showroom shine.

Question Can I still wash my boat or will I harm the DEOXZING™ shine?

Washing your boat with mild soap and water will not harm the DEOXZING™ shine.

You should always rinse your boat after you take it out of the water; whether you use our products or not. Algae and other organisms in the water can dry, die, and discolor the surface of your boat. Most boater’s avoid leaving their boats in the water for long periods of time because of water stains that often require a lot of effort to remove.

Question Should I still wax my boat’s exterior once a month?

It should not be necessary for you to wax for a full year.

But if you still want to wax your boat, wait at least sixty (60) days for the DEOXZING Final Finish™ to adjust to the temperature changes that are common to a night and day cycle. The gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces of your boat will slightly expand and contract during the night and day cycles. The DEOXZING Final Finish™ will need to acclimate to the changes – without a wax top coat for a period of sixty (60) days.

Question Do I need to strip last year’s DEOXZING Final Finish™ before applying an new DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ kit?

The DEOXZING Final Finish™ shine does not need to be stripped away before applying a new coat. However, it is always a good idea to follow the instructions on a new DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ kit; giving special attention to the Deoxidizing Step. You do not want to seal in old oxidation under a new coat of our DEOXZING Final Finish™.

Question      What size hull will a DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ kit cover?            

The Complete kit will cover  up to a 30 foot hull from rail to water line.

The golf cart and small craft kit will cover up to a 13 foot small hull from rail to water line.

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