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DEOXZING Restore & Shine™ Before & After Case Studies

Gain understanding of the potential and power of DEOXZING Restore and Shine™ by reviewing the case studies below.


Case Study: Restoration Rescue
g7 g8
This watercraft was bought at a bargain in its “before” condition, the gelcoat and fiberglass surface is in very bad shape. Look closely, there is evidence of a poor paint job attempt (top right). Also a cloudy mask of oxidation is present and their are colorless gouges and scratches.There is more work here than just an application of our DEOXZING Restore and Shine™ kit, a surface restoration effort was needed. This surface was stripped of oxidation, wax, grease, and oil with our DEOXZING Deoxidizer™, then sanded with 800 and 1000 grit wet sandpaper, and then painted again with OEM recommended paint to produce a smooth surface with an even color. After the paint dried, the DEOXZING Final Finish™ was applied for the season long shine seen here.

Case Study: Brilliant Blue
g3 g4
Our DEOXZING Deoxidizer™ formula was used to strip all the wax and grease from this watercraft’s surface, it smoothed out some of the minor scratches, but the owner was selling this boat and wanted a showroom finish. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) recommended paint was used to touch-up the gelcoat surface (always follow OEM paint application and drying instructions). A showroom shine is best achieved when a the surface is smooth and with an even color before applying the DEOXZING Final Finish™. In some cases the desperate condition of a deoxidized surface causes some absorption of our DEOXZING Final Finish™; and more than one coat maybe necessary. This job took one coat of our DEOXZING Final Finish™ which resulted in the brilliant blue shine seen here.

Case Study: White Watercraft
A16 A15

Case Study: Ambitious Effort
g5 g6
How ambitious are you? Are you the hard-working, “remove all instruments, cushions, and hinges” kind of ambitious? This watercraft had a very good surface to begin with, but the owner wanted better. This restoration removed nearly all hardware from the waterline up, just to get at every gelcoat and fiberglass surface. This job took two DEOXZING™ kits; and two days for one experienced and ambitious Zing Master to complete. One day to mask and deoxidize all the surfaces, and another day applying the DEOXZING Final Finish™ shine and reapplying the hardware. First-timer users should consider recruiting at least one more detail-minded person to the “restore and shine” crew. Upside: you get to share the effort and a season long shine.

 Case Study: Faded Glory
g1 g2
Some boats are like a pair of old jeans you put on and pull off on weekends, they are comfortable, and low maintenance. Maybe your watercraft is the same, you put it on the water and pull it off the water on weekends. Maybe you wash the watercraft after use, maybe not. When your boat is not in use, it sits dry on a trailer or on a rack under the sun. After a while, your boat’s color starts to fade like a pair of old blue jeans – the kind that makes you glad it cannot talk. The oxidized blue and white surfaces in this boat’s “before” picture are not lost, that oxidation was removed and the shine restored in one day. The Deoxidizing Stepis worth every minute of effort you put into striping away all the oxidization, wax, and stains. The DEOXZING Final Finish™ will reward your effort with a season long lasting shine.

This customer had a severe oxidation and ghosting issue. DEOXZING Restore & Shine successfully addressed the issue. After 18 months the boat still looks great.

This customer purchased a DEOXZING Restore & Shine small craft kit to remove the oxidation from the center panel and restored the finish.


This customer used DEOXZING Restore & Shine to do only the grey strip of his boat to bring the color back.
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