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Imbue Distribution is the Production and Management Arm of the Deoxzing™ Product Line

By way of this web site, the DEOXZING Restore and Shine™ Kit is now distributed directly to the public.


At the core of this “direct-to-consumer” offer is an experienced business team. Three career professionals have formed a collaborative balance that comprises the management heart of the Imbue product line; together they conduct the business of Imbue Distribution. All three professionals were born into the “baby boomer” generation. Their generation had its obstacles. Television was broadcast in black and white, and there was no such thing as a TV remote.

But, by embracing their obstacles, each founding member grew into a seasoned professional, each possessing an industry specific business skill that eventually dove-tailed into the enterprise before you.


imbue Legal Notes
[im-byoo] verb.(Sounds Like: em B you )1. to permeate, saturate, or influence as if by dyeing with color.

2. to inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality.

3. to inspire, as with feelings, opinions, etc.

Sentence: At that moment, it seemed as if the harbor boats were all imbued with one enchanted light.

Origin: Latin – imbuo, imbui, imbutum; to steep, to infect; to train, to instruct; to wet, moisten, drench.

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